Saturday, December 5, 2009


Tams has been wishing that she could have glasses and braces. One of her dreams came true this week after we went to the eye doctor. She was so excited when he told her she needed glasses. When she called Grandma to tell her, she said "Grandma, I have GREAT news!" She's been asking every day when her glasses would get here and was so excited when they got here early! And while we were shopping after picking up her glasses, she told everyone that looked her way -- "I got glasses today!"

Sunday, September 6, 2009


We got a dog. Yes, I know, I'm crazy. We're going to try the dog thing again. Her name is Lucy. She's a miniature schnauzer and she's about a year old. She's white and really cute. Fortunately, she's mostly housebroken, so this might just work out this time. Now if we can just break her of chewing on stuff!

Tamsen's First Day of Kindergarten

Tamsen started kindergarten. On the first day, they were supposed to bring a parent with them. It was fun to see her classroom and watch the teacher, kind of get an idea of what she's going to be doing each day. She really liked the first day of school. The next day, when I told her it was time to get ready for school, she said, "I'm get to go to kindergarten again?" Apparently, she thought she was only going to go once. I volunteer in her class one day a week, and the second day of school was my first day in there. When the kids got to class, the teacher was really strict with them, trying to teach them to find their seats without talking, pass in their homework without talking, basically, do everything without talking. I was curious to see how Tamsen felt about day two. When I picked her up from school, I asked her how she liked school. She said, "It was the best day of school ever! Even better than the first day." Then I asked how she liked her teacher. "I love my teacher, but she's always telling us what to do." Guess you'd better get used to that -- since that's her job! I'm glad she loves school and hope she keeps liking it!

Park City Trip

The weekend before school started, we headed to Park City with Janalyn and Shaylie, to hit the outlet stores and play around. We spent the day in Park City shopping. Shay wanted to get her ears pierced again and Tamsen has been begging for pierced ears for months, so I decided to let her do it. Luckily, they did both ears at the same time. She was so brave. When they pierced them, she got the look on her face like she was about to cry, but she took a deep breath and held back the tears. Once she saw the earrings in her ears, she was so excited. We headed back to our hotel in Salt Lake grabbed some dinner and then went swimming. The next morning, we got up, ate bruch at Chuck-up-a-Rama, went and played in the fountain at the Gateway, and headed back home. It was a really fun weekend, fun company, fun shopping, fun to get away.

County Fair

This year, I bought ride passes for the county fair, so we went on Saturday afternoon. We got there about 3pm went and saw all the animals, then started riding on rides. We ran into Tamsen's cousin, Shaylie, so they rode on a bunch of rides together. About 6:30, we went and found some dinner. After dinner, I took Tams to look at the pictures they make out of grains each year. I figured that was about all I'd get to look at -- but as soon as we walked out from seeing the pictures, she asked if there was other stuff we could look at. Huh???? So we went and looked at the quilts, the sewing projects, the cooking, etc. She actually really liked looking at the stuff and wanted to know why we couldn't eat the food. I was amazed that I got to look at the stuff I like to see at the fair! After looking through all the booths, we went back and rode some more rides. Tamsen's favorites where the YoYo (the giant swings that go around and around), the ferris wheel, and the "big kid" roller coaster. On the way home at about 10:30 pm, she said "Mom, today was the greatest day of my whole life!" Who needs Disneyland when you've got the county fair?

The Haircut

I wanted to get Tamsen's hair cut before school started. I just wanted to get it trimmed a little. She wanted it cut short... really, really short. I told her I didn't think it was a good idea to cut it quite so drastically. I finally got her talked into leaving it long. So... we went to her cousin Janalyn's salon. She was going to get a haircut while I got a pedicure. I told Jana that I just wanted an inch or two taken off the bottom. When I got done, and went to see Tamsen's haircut. It was sooo short!!! It was cut to shoulder length and flipped up on the ends. It looks so adorable. And makes her look so grown up. She love, love, loves her hair and loves flipping it around and looking at it in the mirror. Even though I was sad about her long hair being cut off, and a little sad that she looks so grown up, I do love her cute new haircut.

Parades 2009

There are tons of parades throughout the summer and we usually hit most of them, since Tams LOVES parades. This year she got to ride on her preschool's float again and throw candy. In fact, on the fourth of July, we went to a parade at her Grandma & Grandpa Goodwin's house in the morning, then we sped across the valley to get to the other 4th of July parade so she could ride on the float with her dance class. On the 24th of July, her cousins Lexie and Josh were in town so we took them to the parade. They loved getting all the candy, seeing the horses, fire engines, princess floats, and bands.